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Job Description
COT is seeking a Coordination Manager (CM) for a new Cooperation Agreement (“SPP-Lao CA”) between SPP and the USAID Laos Mission. This Cooperation Agreement will advance development and delivery of numerous clean energy-related activities developed through joint work planning between SPP, USAID Laos, and the USAID Laos Energy Sector (LES) program. USAID SPP is seeking a CM to oversee and manage the implementation of this Cooperation Agreement.

The CM will be based either in Vientiane or Bangkok and will work full-time in support of SPP-USAID Laos cooperation. Tasks include:
• Manage the overall cooperation between SPP, USAID Laos, and LES
• Support the SPP and LES project technical staff in defining SPP-Lao CA program needs, activities, goals and expected results
• Coordinate the development and delivery of SPP-Lao CA Scopes of Work (SOWs) and Workstream Descriptions (“WDs”)
• Facilitate effective communication between the USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) and USAID Laos regarding the SPP-Lao CA
• Work with SPP and LES to develop and implement systems allowing efficient and effective technical, financial and contractual reporting and management of SPP-Lao CA activities
• Facilitate enhanced cooperation between Lao energy entities and regional activities, including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Centre for Energy, Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities and Authorities (HAPUA), the Asian Development Bank’s Energy Transition Task Force, and the Japan-U.S. Mekong Power Partnership (JUMPP)
• Participate in delivery of specific activities within the SPP-Lao CA SoW
• Provide day-to-day close cooperation and coordination with the LES program

Required Qualification
• BA/BS degree (Master’s degree preferred) in a field related to the energy sector such as engineering, environmental sciences, economics, finance and accounting
• 6 years of relevant professional experience (7-8 years preferred)
• Ability to think and problem-solve creatively
• Experience forming and working with teams
• Strong project management and time management skills; highly organized and detail oriented
• Ability and interest to travel and work frequently and intensively in Vientiane and Bangkok
• The position is open to those with Thai or Laotian nationalities

Role Description: Solar Engineer/Grid Code Expert working with the Objective 1 and 2 Leads to perform/support the Laos JUMPP Bilateral activities:
– Provide a summary/comparison of required standard/guidelines for inspecting, testing, and commissioning for solar PV projects from different international standards in Europe/the U.S. e.g. IEC and IEEE and other relevant standards.
– Review existing guidelines for hydropower projects in Laos
o Inspection, testing and commissioning guidelines
o Basic design guidelines
– Conduct desk research, document and prepare a presentation of existing guidelines on existing guidelines for solar PV projects in Southeast Asia (e.g. Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam)
o Inspection, testing and commissioning guidelines
o Basic design guidelines
– Write guidelines for solar PV projects in Laos
o Inspection, testing, and commissioning
o Basic design
– Participate in meetings (both virtual and in-person) with Laos government/EDL that are relevant to Laos JUMPP Bilateral activities (upon consultation with objective and task leads)
– Present and receive feedback on draft guidelines from the Laos government/EDL and other stakeholders; and finalize the guidelines before submitting to the Laos government/EDL
• Support SPP team on other activities that are relevant to solar PV project development, procurement, and regulations such as review guidelines and/or standards

• A summary/comparison of required standard/guideline for inspecting, testing, and commissioning solar PV projects from different international standards in Europe/the U.S.
• Document and prepare a presentation of existing guidelines for solar PV project inspection, testing, and commissioning in Southeast Asia (e.g. Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam)
• Write guidelines for solar PV projects in Laos
– Inspection, testing, and commissioning
– Basic design•

Location Bangkok, Thailand

Qualifications: • Master Degree in Solar Engineering (preferably Power Engineering background)
• At least 8 years experience working in solar PV project design, inspection, commissioning, and testing in Thailand, any countries in Southeast Asia, and developed countries (10 years or over is preferable)
• Thai or Lao native speaker
• Good English skills, verbally and written

• On behalf of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Southeast Asia’s Smart Power Program (SPP), Gas Sector Policy and Regulatory Specialist will lead the task on Energy Sector Decarbonization on the Natural Gas Value Chain and manage all the deliverables under this task, working with a team of long-term and short -term team members and sub-contractors as required.

S/He will, under the guidance of the Objective 3 Lead:
• Lead the conceptualization, identification of appropriate partners in SEA and support in the mitigation of methane related emissions with regards to the natural gas value chain
• Support national ministry/regulatory agencies to identify and promulgate appropriate policies and measures for methane emission mitigation with regards to the natural gas value chain
• Liaison with utilities and other relevant stakeholders to identify current practices in the gas sector and promote appropriate measures for methane emission reduction
• Support in the identification of factors influencing air quality in SEA and develop roadmaps and support implementation with partner countries/organizations
• Support in the parameters in the power sector that influence air quality and develop roadmaps and support implementation with partner countries/organizations
• Identify capacity building needs for utilities and other relevant stakeholders and coordinate to conduct all such capacity building activities

• Fluent in spoken and written English
• A Master’s Degree preferably in International business or similar
• Experience in working with international development agencies, USG partners and other donor agencies
• Familiarity with energy efficiency and renewable energy markets in the region
• Experience in working with utilities in the region

Salary : According to the company's salary structure for regular employment

Place of work : Head Office

Workdays : Monday - Friday (Full time)

Qualifications : - Bachelor's degree in Electrical/Mechanical/Power engineering or energy related fields. Master's degree will be an advantage.
                  - Fluent in both written and spoken English.
                  - Thai national will be preferred.
                  - Experience at 1+ year in project management will be an advantage.
                  - Experience in working with International donor organizations such as USAID, WB, ADB, etc. will be advantage.

Duties and Responsibilities :

– Report to the International Projects Specialist.
– Undertake assignment as project team member when eligible or qualified.
– Support the team members in desk research on technical data and information and in preparing English reports for clients.
– Coordinate with clients, team members and relevant stakholders to ensure smooth operation of the project.
– Participate  in field work, workshops and related activities.

– Attend department meetings as instructed.

– Attend to assignments as directed by the International Projects Specialist.

Salary: According to the company’s salary structure

Place of work: Headquarters (Ladprao 124)

Workdays: Monday – Friday


  • Bachelor, Master’s, Doctoral degree.
  • 10 years+ experience.
  • Good command of English language is an advantage.


  • Administrative management or as assigned by the project.
  • NOTE: Job title depends on qualifications as determined.




  • Allowance
  • social security
  • Insurance Group
  • Life Insurance group
  • Provident Fund
  • Funding and Share
  • Annual Checkup
  • Funeral grants, employee spouses personality of father / mother.
  • Grant marriage
  • The maternity gift
  • Activities for all 2 months
  • Seminars and annual travel
  • Support, training, internal and external.
  • The right to leave practice
  • recreation